Huwebes, Hulyo 4, 2013

Call of Roma new server: Imperator

Dear All,
Thank you for supporting Call Of Roma on MMO51,  we appreciate your overwhelming support to our game and the mmo51 community.

We gladly announce the launch of our new server: Imperator for Call Of Roma, on
July 4th around noon time and expecting 1500-2000 early birds! We are expecting 10k to 15k tomorrow and maybe 30 to 50k in a week. It will be a big launch, please join us!. We hope the new server will bring you all more excitement, fun and good game experience. Visit our community forum for more details: MMO51 Community

Please help us spread the word around, all of us try hard to make the new server a great success. mmo51 will also be working with big channels to promote the game.

Thank you all in advance for all your support and hard work, it means a lot to all of us

mmo51 management team

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